As an agile abstract thinker, Rick is able to make keen observations and clever connections that often lead to insights others might not see. He also uses his unquenchable curiosity, incisive intuition and inventive imagination to create new possibilities.

Over the past 25 years at Procter & Gamble, AcuPOLL Research, and Initiator, he has done new product work with numerous Fortune 500 companies across hundreds of categories and thousands of new ideas. This experience, along with his natural ability to look at things in novel ways, helps him see unique possibilities and convert them into useful ideas.

Over his career he has contributed to many marketplace successes including: Downy Ultra, Oil of Olay Body Wash, Dasani, Johnsons Baby Bedtime Bath, Arm & Hammer Plus OxiClean, Arm & Hammer Clump & Seal Cat Litter, and Trojan 2Go.

When he’s not working on your business, he’s playing tennis, hacking at golf, trying out interesting wines, or getting new inspiration through traveling around the world.

“Enthusiastic”, “naturally curious”, “a balanced strategic and creative thinker”, “results-driven”, and at times be a bit “precocious” are some of the words that have been used to describe Mac.

He’s passionate about helping brands establish a strategically firm foundation, and from there, working with others to create and craft ideas that can drive sustainable growth for the brand. One of his biggest thrills is that moment when a seemingly disparate nugget of inspiration reveals a completely new possibility for a business or brand.

Mac honed his marketing and strategic skills with Bristol-Myers Squibb, Sara Lee/Haneswear, and Heinz. And later at AcuPOLL Research, he applied his expertise in idea identification and communication to help drive growth for a wide assortment of brands for companies such as Kraft, Kellogg’s, Johnson & Johnson, and Bank of America.

He earned an MBA from the University of North Carolina, but anyone that knows Mac knows that he is Clemson Tiger at heart.