So what is an XSight?

Woman taking nutritional supplement

Much of our new product concept development success has been driven by creating XSights. It’s an innovation platform consisting of a consumer insight-benefit statement, like the one we created for a supplement brand:

“Introducing the first women’s nutrition line that changes with you to meet your varying nutritional needs throughout the month.”

This led to the highest scoring supplement idea ever tested at the time, according to BASES.


How do we generate them?

We use a combination of three tools.



Reviewing and rethinking historical learning with a mindset towards creating new possibilities for the future.

New Take

Engaging with consumers and exploring your category from the perspective of highly creative and insightfully expressive people who see things most of don’t, which frequently inspires fresh takes on what consumers want next.

Divergent Exploratory

Pursuing needs/desires inspiration in analogous, connected and unexpected places, and then translating that back into possibilities for your category.

Output from these various activities provide the inspiration for creating XSights, which are the foundation for creating passionately preferred product ideas.


  • New product innovation
  • Brand Positioning

Innovation Platforms


Consistently Produce Exceptional Results!


While other cat litter brands were introducing new products emphasizing longer lasting odor control, we helped this particular brand identify distinctive angles for odor control, resulting in…

The 3 strongest selling cat litter varieties ever introduced - $300+ million annually and growing.

For a major cookware brand, we created several distinctive and highly desirable benefit growth platforms. From these platforms, numerous successful ideas were developed, including…

The highest scoring concept ever tested by this global consumer products company.

After renovating the positioning of a nutritional supplement brand by elevating it from a feature-focused proposition to an emotional and functional benefit platform, we applied our XSights process to create 15 "winning" new products ideas, including…

The highest scoring nutritional supplement  idea ever tested via bases.

For an established food brand, we developed numerous highly appealing, highly differentiated extension platforms for existing product lines across four separate projects. The result was…

80%+ ideas met or exceeded volume projection objectives for all 4 projects.

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